Take a peak at what we do! 

Click on Each Heading for direction

Learn how to build some of our projects on your own! 

-Including Living Walls, rain gardens, raised beds, companion plants, and so much more!

Check out some of our field trips!

-Stay updated on CHS Hort Adventures as we travel to beautiful locations like Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, The MANTS Convention in Baltimore, Ruperts Tree Farm, and so many more!

In The Garden

-See what the CHS Horticulture students have going on in the school garden. Stay updated on the plants we grow, and how we control pests and weeds!

Plant Sales and Giveaways

-Stay Updated on our annual Spring and Holiday plant sales. Also, CHS Teachers and Staff, dont forget to pre-order your Buttercrunch Lettuce for our annual Giveaway!

Salad Parties!

-During Every harvest we have a delicious Salad Party! Dont miss out on some great recipes on some of the amazing salads weve had, including greens such as Buttercrunch Lettuce, Microgreens, kale, arugla, and so much more all grown and harvested by CHS Students!


-Learn about the cool place CHS Horticulture students have interned! 
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