Ben said "I want to grow plants," because he knows very little about horticulture, but plans to learn as much as he can over the course of the year.

10-5-16 (23)

Valaria joined our program because she wanted to get in on the "planning and learning about the crops," and just being a part of the experience.

10-5-16 (55)

Brittany enjoys horticulture because she finds that "it's nice to learn about the environment and how to care for it."

10-5-16 (22)

Faith- "I really like plants. I want to farm when I’m older."

Natalie is a senior in the horticulture program who works on web design for this website. She also helps with the hydroponic tower, and takes all the pictures.

Reneé is a senior in the horticulture program who helps run the website by writing blog entries. She's in her fourth year with the program and cannot digest raw vegetables.

In her second year of the program, Rebecca explained how she joined horticulture because she was at the time a vegetarian and wanted to learn how to grow the food she eats.

10-18-16 (4)

This driven student is one of the Horticulture Pathways hardest workers. Noelly is currently working with hydroponics and is currently researching the many ways to grow plants without soil in hopes of becoming one of the first Astronauts to grow food on another planet!

"The reason why I took horticulture is because I've always loved to cook, and with the knowledge of growing organic vegetables I can use learn how to use my own organically grown produce in my Vegan recipes!"- J. H.

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