A Word From Javier

Hello everyone. This is Javier. I have not been updating this blog for a while now and seeing all of the comments has been really great but, I graduated from Clarksburg high school in 2015. Now I am currently attending University of Maryland: College park and majoring in landscape architecture. I am incredibly glad that there are so many people reading the articles I have posted so I am going to try to get in contact with the program to see if I can get the dust off this blog and get fresh articles out about what is going on in the horticulture program at Clarksburg high school. I am busy with college work so I make no guarantees but, by the end of October I will try to post whether there is going to be a new author for this post or if I will have time to post things in their stead. I do have another WordPress set up that I will be writing on for my honors college program at U.M.D. but, it will be on completely different topics than this blog and will eventually be my Landscape architecture portfolio. Although I say this I might have some topics that are the same so feel free to check it out. I am currently doing an opinion piece on university classroom design. Without further ado here is my portfolio/college blog http://dcc.umd.edu/portfolio/jvaleri

I will get back to everyone as to the status of this blog soon hopefully.

Edit I talked to the teacher of the program and she said that two of her students will be picking up this blog.

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