Microgreens are a new type of green that have been extremely popular recently because they are nutrient dense, tender and look beautiful.

Microgreens are essentially baby sprouts of many different types of plants and as such are compact and can be grown when you have little room. Normally you harvest a plant when it is fully grown it has spend a lot of its nutrients to fully grow but when you harvest sprouts they still have all of those nutrients still inside their leaves. Before I go into how to grow Microgreens I need to say that the way they are grown and the time it takes varies depending on what type you grow. To make micro greens first of all you need a container to put dirt, soil-less mix or something else to hold water, along with plant seeds, your growing medium and a second container to block light. To start off you put your growing medium into one of the two containers, moisten it and add the seeds. Then, you cover the seeds for a few days with the other container to that the seeds do not get any light but, be sure to water them everyday. Once the seeds have grown into small sprouts you take off the second container and continue watering them. Finally, after a week or two the Microgreens should be tall enough to harvest and have pretty big roots.

To harvest the Microgreens just take a pair of scissors and cut them at the stem. Once you harvested the way you use the Microgreens is completely up to you but be sure to wash them first so that you do not get a dirt surprise in your next meal.

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