Spring Like Weather and First Steps in The Garden

With highs of 78, the CHS Horticulture studetns were finally able to take a step into the garden. Although barren, it was very refreshing to be able to breathe in he fresh air, pick up some tools and start working! Using a completed homework assignment on Pollinators as our tickets to the garden, once outside, Ms. Paul and the students did not hesitste to start adding soil to the raised beds, folding floating covers, sweeping, general cleaning, and watering the Tulip Bulbs! It felt great to feel the warm air on your skin and soak in the sun. Back in the classroom, Ms. Corretta, Oscar, Arty, Garrett, and Tyler placed the finishing touches on their amazing inovation on the very succesful living wall system concept!

Overall it was a beautiful day, and the students and Ms. Paul cannot wait to step ouside tomorrow and start turning the soil to get rready for planting! For a few weeks the class and I have been planting tomato and let

tuce seeds, and we cannot wait to plant them outside! Bye-bye Winter!

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