In the Greenhouse

With the Frost Free Date (4/30) and the annual Spring Sale only a few weeks away the Horticulture students went right to transplanting seedlings into market packs. Student watered plants, separated seedlings, and organized the classroom. A couple students removed large chunks of compost (like banana peels) that the worms would not break down in the worm composter. Everyone did a little spring cleaning and helped around the classroom. Some of the students sadly took down the hydroponic tower after our stellar salad party to make room inside of the greenhouse.

We also placed some of the natives on the cart, took them down to the courtyard garden and placed them in the coldframes to help them get accustomed to crisp April nights, while also keeping them warm enough to stay alive. A few students went the the library to work on the website, and the boys worked on their hydroponic tower made from a fish tank! What an awesome productive day!

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