Meet the Editor for 2016

As many of our viewers may have noticed, the Horticulture website got a makeover! Although we are very proud of Javier for attending University of Maryland's prestigious Landscape Design Major. we are sad to see him go and miss his positive attitude and funny jokes. At the beginning of this year, it was my duty to take over the website. As the new editor in chief I felt that the website needed to be a little more than just a blog, and tried to add a little pazazz.. Before we get to into detail, let me give you some insight on myslef. My Name is Eliana Gagliolo, but I go by Ellie for short. I am a senior at Clarksburg and plan to Major in Biology next year. I am currently in the Landscape design class included in the program, and it is my third year being a part of this amazing program. I hope you all enjoy the website, and hit up out "contact us" page if you have any questions!

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