Another Plantiful Sale

We've arrived at the end of another successful spring plant sale! While we did make an exceptional amount of money for our Horticulture Program, we were most astounded by how many people turned up this year. Teachers, students, and a variety of faculty members left our tables with numerous leafy friends wrapped in their arms.

The African Violets were quite popular (with their lovely petals and incredible background, why wouldn't they be?), but we have been noticing our customers gradually shifting their purchases from flowering plants to vegetable plants. Things like tomatoes, sweet peppers, and other food plants have become a larger source of income as our customers have become more interested in growing their own delicious, organic produce.

We'd also like to give a huge thanks to all the students who helped put this together and our wonderful teachers Mrs. Paul and Mrs. Caretto for their hard work and motivating spirits! Thank you as well to our customers, both new and old, as we wouldn't be nearly as accomplished without your support. Hope we'll see you next year!


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