This isn't going to be our usual blog type post where we talk about the going-ons of the horticulture classes. I'm here to talk about the website and myself.

I'm Natalie Matthews and myself and Renee Gasbarre run this website and blog. For the most part she does the writing and I take all the pictures. Together we brainstorm ideas on how to make the website better. We've added more pictures from field trips, updated the blog more and added in a gallery!

With the school year coming to a close we sadly won't be able to update as much. How can we tell you what the horticulture program is doing if nothing is going on? We're a program about plants though, so we can still update with pictures of what the students are growing at home.

If you guys have an ideas about what we should do with the website let us know by leaving a comment on this post or contacting us at chshorticulture2016@gmail.com

Click on the button, type your comment, and give your name and email so we can respond to any questions!

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