Spotlight On: Garrett

Over the summer one of our students, Garrett Fairchild, completed an internship with EQR (Environmental Quality Resources), an organization dedicated to working with streams, wetlands, storm water, landscaping, green roofs, reforestation, and other environmental projects. I recently spoke with Garrett to hear about his experience with EQR. Here’s what he said:

Reneé: So what did you do?

Garrett: I was in the Estimating Department, so I helped people do stuff, but I never really got to do the cool stuff. I went on site visits, which is cool. You can see the progress…

R: That’s cool. So is there anything that you didn’t expect going on there?

G: It’s pretty big, and the Estimating Department is where they get the plans shipped to, with the elevations and the area of the projects they’re doing. They fill out all the materials, stuff like that. And then they use this software to put it together.

R: What would you say was your favorite part about it?

G: Definitely the site visits.

R: Is there any particular one that stuck out in your mind?

Garrett then proceeded to pull up their website for me and show me some photos of Seneca Creek, where he visited during his internship.

G: What they do to minimize the impact on the land, is they’ll clear a path in the least destructive way possible. They’ll put mulch, and they’ll put these wooden mats, and then they’d carry bulldozers and whatever else over that.

R: Is there anything you recognized learning in Horticulture that carried over to this? I mean were there things you already knew?

G: I knew some of the plant stuff, and a few things in the Landscaping Department. It would’ve been cool if I was over there but I was in the Estimating Department. Just...all the structural components. In Landscape it’s like, “We use this plant, and for this reason.” Stuff like that. And I would’ve totally jumped on that...They have these plant lists, with how much they cost for this quantity.

R: That’s cool.

G: Yeah. They do all kinds of things. There’s wetland restoration, reclamation, reforestation, shorelines...They’ll even bid on projects.

R: Are you going to more this coming summer?

G: I don’t know. It definitely depends on college. I mean I’d definitely work there again; it’s cool.

R: So what have you gathered from this experience?

G: It helped steer me in the direction of what I want to do when I get older, as well as how satisfying and/or cool it is to actually do something like this...and get paid for it I guess.

R: Thank you very much

So while Garrett's future with the EQR is currently uncertain, we can at least conclude that his time there was well spent, not only giving him an educational experience, but a fun one.

Hopefully we'll here more about this in the future!

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