Too Hot for Comfort

Lately, as we all know, the temperature has been extremely high. In the past two weeks alone, we have had seven days where the temperature has reached or gone above 90 degrees. While this is nice for plants that thrive in the summer, the excessive heat does a number on those that don’t, like our nasturtiums out in the courtyard, which fare better during the cool season.

Not only that, but it’s hard for our students who have been harvesting and tending to the courtyard, which is in direct sunlight by the time they get outside. It’s not very fun to dig while the sun is beating on your back!

Thankfully the forecast is calling for a steady decline in temperature, which will be great for our cool season crops, and even better for the students caring for them. With global warming messing around with the temperatures, we’ll have to hope we don’t get an extremely cold winter to go with our extremely hot summer!!

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