Getting Ready for Fall

On Friday we began preparing the courtyard for fall and harvesting some of the vegetables that were ripe in the courtyard. Luckily it was cool and cloudy out, so no one was overheated while they worked!

We began began pulling out the Daikon radishes, which is a cover crop we use to break down the clay soil between the other plants. Some of them had split and branched out, most likely to grow around a rock or some other impenetrable object in the clay.

We also turned over the soil in the raised beds and cut up the weeds in the main garden for the new cover crops, as well as removing the sunflower to make room for the fall crops.

Speaking of fall crops, we began planting buttercrunch lettuce and mustard spinach, a Japanese vegetable typically grown in Japan and Taiwan.

This week we’re aiming to get some kale and bok choy into the ground. Maybe we’ll even get some


But for now, here's some more from last week;

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