They're Alive!

After many weeks of tireless effort, the Foundations kids have completed their living wall projects! Their goal was to create a living wall, something that allows plants to grow on a vertical plane, usually as part of an actual wall.

This one uses planks of wood with plastic attached to hold the plants in. It's simple, but it looks nice and it works!

Here's another easy one, with the plants held up at an angle and kept in place by a long piece of wood.

Now this one is a bit more complex. Held up by a wooden frame, the pipes have holes in them for plants to sit in and, once a tube is attached, water will be able to flow through the pipes and down into the bucket, reaching the roots of each plant in one go.

With a more aesthetically pleasing design, the project here features a wooden crate that has been partially taken apart to form shelves for plants to rest on. The moss is a nice touch as well!

It's amazing what kind of things we can create to keep our plants growing. I can't wait for the next project!!!

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