Springing into Action

After so many weeks of indecisive and inconvenient weather, we are finally able to really get our grow on outside. We’ve been planting inside the classroom and in the greenhouse, but now is the time to get out in the sun! With the frost free date coming up, we’re getting a move on so we can begin sprucing up our gardens and preparing for the spring plant sale.

These photos here are from our main garden, a type of garden called a lasagna garden. It’s not made of noodles, though! Two years ago, the Horticulture program cleared this area, proceeding to put down layers of dirt, wet newspaper, dead leaves, and mulch. The idea of a lasagna garden is that the different layers will decompose over time while the plants are growing, creating rich compost just like that! Ours is looking pretty good, and soon the vegetbale garden will tooo.

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